Nurturing Nature Enthusiasm

Harrow Nature Conservation Forum believes that it is critical that more people are aware of the wildlife around us and how to monitor it. Our courses, which are free to attend thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, will help you plan and carry out your own survey project or nature event.

Covid-18 has meant that we had to change the timing and delivery of our courses but has not stopped us offering a wide range of great courses. The next course is coming up very soon:

On line short course on plant structure and classification. Teacher: Brenda Harold MRSB.

Brenda was Deputy Head of the Department of Biological Sciences at Brunel University. Since taking early retirement she has tutored courses for the Field Studies Council and wrote Identiplant, an on-line course in plant identification, that has been taken by students throughout the UK and Ireland during the last 8 years.

Finding out what an unknown plant is by looking at pictures in a book can often work, but to be sure of correctly identifying an unknown plant you need to know the names of the parts of plants and how to use a key. This course will familiarize you with common plant families and the structural features that define them. In addition to two talks there will be an online practical session examining plant specimens that you have collected. At the end of this short course you should have the necessary skills to begin using keys to identify plants to species. All the sessions will take place on Zoom and are free, thanks to funding from the Postcode Lottery Trust.

First talk: Tuesday 22nd September 8PM to 9:30PM: Plant classification and terminology

Second talk: Sunday September 27th 11AM to 12:30PM: Plant families

Practical workshop: Sunday September 27th 2PM to 3:30PM: Practicing what we have learned about structure, and using a key to identify a particular plant

A hand lens will be useful for the Sunday workshop. We can lend you one if you live locally and don't have one.

Contact for more information and to register for this couse.

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